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Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites

As humans, we have continually found ways to harm the environment around us. Now, it is time to discover new and exciting ways to not only preserve Earth’s natural resources but also restore them through the act of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can happen to almost every resource known to mankind. However, it may take some resources longer to recover and rebuild. Therefore, we must become educated not only on how areas become contaminated but also on how these areas can be preserved and restored efficiently.
Rehabilitation is vital to both removing contamination and to the survival of all living things. Through preservation and restoration, we can; save biodiversity greatly found in rainforests, keep Agriculture from depleting soil’s nutrients through desertification and excessive nitrogen usage, and reduce the effects of harmful gases and chemicals on Earth’s air and water supplies. Finding new ways can help fight the effects both natural and man-made contamination have on Earth’s most precious resources. Therefore, rehabilitating sites will not only help return resources to their natural state but also help save the lives of humans, plants, and animals everywhere.

Many companies have done their part in preserving and restoring many contaminated sites through the development of environmentally-friendly products. For example, filters and filtering systems have been created to make water cleaner. At the same time, companies have discovered a way to reduce the amount of trash by recycling materials such as t-shirts into plastic water bottles. Another way companies have contributed is by reducing the amount of carbon emissions found in the air. This is simply done by offering cleaner fuels for hybrid vehicles. These products not only help save the environment, but they also help save lives by providing both cleaner water for drinking and air for breathing.

These are just some of the ways the contaminated areas of the world can be rehabilitated. By lessening the amount of damage we cause using man-made and natural resources, we can focus more on developing new ways to improve the environment as a whole. In 1982, The World Charter for Nature was created by the United Nations in hopes of educating people on the importance of saving areas destroyed by mankind. In result, laws have been set at both state and international levels. Such laws reveal appropriate measures that should to be taken seriously.

In the end, it is important that every individual not only become aware of the harm being caused but also on ways to save the Earth’s precious resources and the laws that govern them. To become educated on how to rehabilitate contaminated sites, individuals can either contact the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or find an environmental group nearest to them. Such groups are specifically designed to help protect sites that have become contaminated. They also focus on helping others find a way to do their part whether big or small. In the end, sites can recover and lives can be saved.

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